It’s Over Already!?

Well, week 5 is here in ED 620 which means the class is just about over for the summer.  These weeks have flown by with a plethora of great information in each and every one of them.  With about two month left before school starts up again (sigh!), I need to write it all in a tablet and save it to remember everything I want to use next year.  Wait, wait, wait…this is a technology class!  I’ll go ahead and use Evernote to keep all of those great sites and apps!  That’s a site I won’t forget anytime soon.  Hunting season will fill up those notes quick too!

Reflecting on all of the great things we explored, I find myself at the transition of “novice” and “intermediate” when it comes to my technology use.  I’m starting to see how many things can apply to my classroom as well as what I’ve already accomplished in implementing.  I guess I can pride myself on that but I know I can keep improving the experience within my classroom walls.  For example, I now know how to use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and, thanks to my wife, Pinterest to keep improving and engaging my students.

There are so many apps out there that can help motivate students in my classroom and to list them all would be ridiculous.  My favorites involve the assessment aspect and creation possibilities.  I know I will be looking into Doceri, Plickers, Edueto, Quizziz, and a few other (search them and you’ll hook yourself into using them too).  I also like the idea of implementing Nearpod with the iPad initiative coming to my district soon.

As you can see, taking this class has been an eye opener and I really don’t think I would be so technologically gung ho without it.  I know technology never stops improving which means I will definitely have to seek out new apps and sites as my career continues.  The PLN (personal learning network) that was taught to us is where I can try and stay up to date on all the latest goodies.  Good thing I started expanding mine because I’ll be using it before I know it!

Though, when this class is finally complete, I’ll be done for good.  The requirements for my Masters Degree will be fulfilled and I won’t be thinking about taking more classes anytime soon.  In reality, I didn’t think I was going be taking so much away from all the math classes I took.  I also didn’t think this class would mesh with all those other classes and make me think about improving my teaching so much.  Funny how things work out!

To all those professors that made the last 3+ years enjoyable and such a success…thank you!


One thought on “It’s Over Already!?

  1. Great post Chris. Thanks for all you’ve taught me. Best of luck, but I hope you keep blogging… I’ll keep following. 🙂


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