My Kind of Online Learning

Week 4…..wait, week 4!?  This class is going really fast!  Which means my summer is going really fast…oh boy!  Well besides that fact, this week in Ed 620 we focused on some versions of online/technology learning.  By that I mean we looked at Digital Stories and Online Presentations.

Digital story telling is really cool because you get to tell a story or learn new information through pictures, videos, and music!  Who wouldn’t like to learn new things that way?  A great site that is focused on pictures and music is Animoto.  I have used Animoto before and think that it is a fun site to create photo books that can tell a story.  I also think Haiku Deck is a nice site because it can be set up like a Power Point with interesting photos and side notes.  I did my project this week through this site and it is pretty easy to use.

Haiku Deck happens to be a slight blend of digital stories and online presentations as mentioned about Power Point.  The online presentations are pretty much like they sound.  You look to put a presentation together by recording your screen, yourself, your voice or any of the sort.  Prezi can act as an online presentation and it is a little better than Power Point in my book.  I have used Prezi many times and I do think it engages the audience a little more.  I also like Screenr and have used it for some online classes in the past but it seems to have been taken down.  The site was more for recording your screen and voice as you presented.  It is a very handy way to present though and I will be looking for other sites that do this.

For more in-class teachings and interaction with students, I am a huge fan of Doceri and Nearpod.  We’ll be bringing in a 1:1 iPad initiative within the next two years and these sites will provide a lot of interaction between the students, their technology, and my math classroom.  I look forward to learning more about these two sites and what they have to offer.

I have been finding a lot of useful pieces of technology throughout this course.  I’m starting to compile my list of what I want to investigate further as well as what I know I want to implement immediately.  The rewards of this course will be apparent a lot quicker than other courses I’ve taken and I’m excited to continue to learn and explore.


One thought on “My Kind of Online Learning

  1. I’m so glad to read that you are finding useful technology… that’s one of my main goals. You certainly sound like you’ve found some great storytelling and presentation tools! ~John


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