Spreading My Wings

Week 2 has brought a very wide range of information to my attention.  I’ve learned a little more about Personal Learning Networks (PLNs), saw some great uses with the Google platform, learned how to speed up my internet scanning, and found some great Web 2.0 tools to look further into.  I’d say that’s a very wide range indeed!

Now, I’m already on the internet and social media for the social part.  I waste my time on Facebook, post all kinds of pictures on Snapchat and Instagram,  but I never got into the Twitter thing.  If I was going to tweet I’d just whistle a song.  John convinced me otherwise when I started reading all about the professional uses of Twitter and how it can broaden my outlook on education.  I don’t really need to tweet (he doesn’t), but I can start to get useful information and great ideas from some of the great minds in education.  Just by clicking “follow” spreads my wings for my PLN.  Yes, I’ve followed all of the Pittsburgh sports teams and probably some outdoorsman….but I have some great math education and other companies that are posting some good stuff!

As far as  google-939112_960_720 and all things within it, my school district is all about it.  I’ve used Google Calendar, Forms, Slides, Drive, Sheets, Docs, Maps, Hangouts, Play, Books, Classroom, and Google+….now I’m winded.  These are all great features to use, especially within the school as it makes communicating and running the classrooms very efficient.  One thing I did look at and may look into further is the Google Drawings.  Our high school will transitioning to  a 1:1 iPad for the school in another year and it will be nice to find ways for students to collaborate and share things within the educational setting.

The Google Drawings was part of the Web 2.0 tools which was not the only thing I found.  I focused a lot on the interactive tools that my students could potentially use as well as the interactive quiz tools.  I have been using Kahoot! and Socrative but I did find a few more that may be beneficial in their own ways and I look forward to checking them out.

Last but not least, RSS feeds rss-8645_960_720 have been around for a while.  I remember learning about them when I was in undergrad at Clarion and now I’m looking at them again.  When I learned about them over 6 years ago, I started using them.  Why did I ever stop?  How convenient is it to simply click a button, see all new updates in title form, and then decide which you want to look at for all your favorite news, weather, sports, etc!?  I think I’ll be getting back into the RSS Feeds to save me the time of loading and scrolling through all of those sites (or not doing it because I don’t have time).

Again, what a wide range of information in this week’s exploration.  It has definitely spread my wings and helped me to stay more connected and continue to grow as an educator.


One thought on “Spreading My Wings

  1. I’m glad to read that you’re spreading your wings. I love your posts and your writing! And in case you didn’t know, I use Feedly to read all the feeds of our class blogs. 🙂


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